Fave Keto Foods – Snacks + Sides + Mains

Here they are – our favorite Keto snacks, sides, and mains!  Below we list options for your entire day.  Remember, though, you can eat breakfast for lunch or dinner for breakfast.  Keto is about what you eat; not when you eat.

Keto Snacks Sides Mains:

Let’s start with breakfast, shall we?  Eggs, eggs, everywhere eggs.  Yes!  Eggs are the perfect beginning to your keto day.  You’ll also see them under our snacks list.  Eggs are the perfect protein!  We love them so much that we wrote an entire post about their benefits.  Besides being a low-carb food, eggs are versatile.  Just wait.  You’ll see.

For those times when you don’t want eggs, Oikos yogurt is a fabulous breakfast option.  We also enjoy our previous night’s dinner for breakfast sometimes.  Just go with it.  Seriously.

Lunch time should never be skipped.  Never.  We love sandwiches.  Therefore, we eat them – minus the bread.  Use romaine lettuce leaves and roll your luncheon meat and cheese like you would a wrap.  Another option is hardboiled eggs.  (See.  Eggs again!)  If  you add in a protein such as bacon, your tastebuds will love you!

We cannot talk about lunch without mentioning salads.  Salads fit the bill for keto snacks sides and mains!  Keep your salad as simple as you’d like – pure lettuce with dressing works.  Or go for the bold and add in some chicken, maybe some eggs (!!), bacon, avocado, olives.  You get the idea!

Beyond Lunch Keto Food Ideas:

For the midday lull, a great pick-me-up are dill pickles.  They’ll ‘zing’ you awake for the afternoon.  For caffeine consumers, yes, you can have a cup of black Joe.  Add in some heavy whipping cream to help satiate if needed.  As a cautionary note, do not eat until you’re stuffed.  Keto allows many foods, but overindulgence is never a good idea.  You should eat until satiated.  And now we’ll mention exercise.  Yup.  A short walk is a great way to energize you for the afternoon.

And before you know it, it’s dinner time!   Again, moderation is key.  Sleeping on a too-full tummy just isn’t the way to go.  Eat until you’re satisfied and then stop.  Jumping off that bandwagon now.  Our favorite dinner ideas are salmon and broccoli.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with fish and veggies.  To swap it up a bit, have a steak but skip the potato.  Although a sweet potato is okay.  Ever heard of palmini noodles?  They’re a great sub for pasta.  This means meatballs can be back on the menu!

Nighttime Munchies and More:

So it’s now evening.  You’ve been “good” all day.  But.  You.  Are.  Starving!  Here’s how to end your keto day strong:  Fat Bombs!  There are lots of easy recipes with many different flavors.  Our all-time favorite is Chocolate Covered Almond Butter Cheesecake Bites.  Mmmm!

Pour some Sparkling Ice over an ice cube in a fancy wineglass.  The bubbly carbonation is fun, and you’ll feel like you’re imbibing – without the carbs!

The above foods are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  We really like Eating Well’s free keto food list.  Check it out for more keto-friendly ideas.  Biggest tip we have for a keto lifestyle is to keep it fun!  Enjoy what you’re eating.  Don’t panic if you’re not losing weight quickly.  A lifestyle is about health; it’s not about size.

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