Easy Tips for Keto Success

Keto success is a sure thing if you do a little planning.  Afterall, so much of life is about planning and finding your groove – your way. And the keto lifestyle is no different.
We’re guessing, you are changing everything. Most likely, you’ve been on a low-fat mindset for decades and now you need to switch gears. AND you probably never looked at carbs. It was always fat and fiber. Keto flips everything upside down. And that can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be!
Most recipes you follow are from scratch.  Until you get to know them well, it will take a little longer to prepare meals. Also, many recipes don’t use a lot of fresh ingredients such as vegetables. In order to not waste food, you will need to know what recipes you’ll be making and what each ingredients you’ll use.  Don’t be discouraged!  We’re here to help!

Here are some keto success tips that helped us:

  • Make food in bulk
  • Preserve or use items that are perishable first
  • Always have a backup plan
  • Memorize the menu
Making food in bulk doesn’t have to be an all day project.  We make up some of our favorite recipes and create a double batch to either freeze or have as leftovers. Two of our favorite main dishes are Jalapeño Stuffed Chicken and Turkey Zucchini Burgers.  Both are easy to make, freeze well, and are loaded with flavor.
Preserve or use items that are perishable first. We were forever buying green onions and having them go bad. So after a couple days of using them we preserved them by cutting them up, combining in melted butter, and then freezing in ice cube trays until we needed them. Anytime we have the Pan Fried Steak with Green Onion & Garlic Butter we take one of these green onion and butter ‘ice’ cubes out of the freezer and voila! We also freeze our spinach and use it in Feta and Spinach Cups.  Yum!
Have a backup plan. Life is busy. And so many times we sabotage ourselves thinking we have super powers. At the end of the day, sometimes you’re tired and don’t feel like making that dish from scratch. The turkey burgers I mentioned above are a great quick option to thaw out and whip up a quick salad as a side.  We also enjoy a quick Kbosh Pizza. The crust defrosts fast and it’s a super simple meal!  Also, have snacks on hand.  When I’m starving, I grab one snack and then make my meal instead of making poor choices or ordering out. Some great on hand snacks are:
Memorize the menu. Even with all the planning, there are times that we are going to “slip”.  But it doesn’t mean we have to fall off keto. If you have local favorite restaurants, memorize the menu so you know what you are going to get before you even go.  At our local spot I know I’ll get either a bacon cheeseburger (hold the bun) or a steak with a salad and broccoli. And if the family wants fast food, then I know I’m going to Chipotle for a keto bowl.
It’s the little things that add up to big keto success. Use our tips and tricks above to set yourself up.

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